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AUFC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of urban and community trees. The origin of the Forestry Council goes back to the 1990 Farm Bill, which substantially increased funding for state urban forestry initiatives.

To manage these funds effectively, the Arkansas Forestry Commission created an advisory committee on urban forestry issues. In 1993, the committee took the name “Arkansas Urban and Community Forestry Council” and established an independent board of directors. In 1996, the IRS granted AUCFC 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. Later, AUCFC became the Arkansas Urban Forestry Council.


The Arkansas Urban Forestry Council enhances the state’s quality of life by promoting the benefits of trees and the development of sustainable community forests through education, outreach and partnerships.


  • Education:  Each year AUFC provides workshops pertinent to urban forestry.
  • Outreach:  AUFC plants, promotes and protects canopy trees through Arkansas ReLeaf and Arbor Day Celebrations.
  • Activities: AUFC sponsors the Natural State Tree Climbing Championships.

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AUFC works with a talented group of members, sponsors, volunteers and partners that are committed to protecting urban and community forests.  Meet our Board of Directors

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